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A tailored solution for your lounge, club or beach shisha catering business.

Our solution

Providing the right hookahs, bowls, and HMDs, while enjoying the flexibility to customize and enhance your operations with our innovative software applications.

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The selection of the hookahs for you lounge is as important as the service you would provide.  A perfect blend between style and functionality is a must for providing an unique experience at a profitable scale.

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The choice of HMD is at the heart of delivering consistency. Your client`s favorite mix should provide the same taste and clouds on every visit. The careful management of heat is essential for that.

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The proper combination of HMD, bowl and type of tobacco is equally important for great taste. Our experience and long term partnerships have produced an extensive list of proper combinations.

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Efficiency of operations is the key to profitability at scale. Technology enables this through software applications which deliver collaboration and analytics for taking the most effective decisions.  

fumant mist

fumant tapa

A stainless steel hookah for a classic glass bowl with sleek design and a cool purge.​​

  • 100% stainless steel for extreme durability

  • Easy to clean thoroughly, no leftover flavor

  • Stable fit to most glass/crystal bowls

  • Cool purging effect

  • Comes with soft-touch silicone hose

  • Customization options include engraving, custom sleeves, glass selection

A compact stainless steel hookah with no glass components, suitable for clubs, beaches and pool bars.​

  • 100% stainless steel for extreme durability

  • Easy to clean thoroughly, no leftover flavor

  • Compact design and easy to carry around

  • Complete construction from metal

  • Cool purging effect

  • Comes with soft-touch silicone hose

  • Can be fixed to a table or board via thread for extra protection

  • Customization options include engraving and leather sleeves

​Your go-to heat management system for professionals:

  • Stable and consistent heat release with blond and black leaf tobacco

  • Easy temperature adjustment for optimal heat

  • Smoking sessions of up to 2 hours without coal change

  • Stable grip provides maximum fall protection

  • Durable construction from stainless steel

  • Optional engraving of business logo

  • Fits most high-quality bowls

fumant heat

It grips the bowl firmly

Our Partners

We have provided solutions to numerous lounges, bars and catering services across the globe. 


Reach optimal employee productivity and customer satisfaction:

  • Streamline your order processing

  • Utilize a database of available flavors and mixes

  • Reduce customer wait times

  • Track shisha master`s productivity 

  • Make decisions based on AI analytics 

  • Available on mobile and workstations

Tell us more about your business and receive a tailored solution

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